Echler Solomon Feng
Jun 09, 2020

The Puppet Masters

IF it’s all part of a grand scheme of things, and by the looks of its ‘contrived’ nature – we are headed on an untrodden and unimaginable path.

The storyline of a clandestine few people who hide among the shadows from the seats of power has a plan. These are the people who own the United States and its allies – and are leading the world to its uncertain destination that may be called euphemistically ‘Dystopia.’ Orwell wrote about it as did Huxley in their respective futuristic novels ‘1984’ and ‘Brave New World.’

Over the years, they are called by so many names. But we are sure you are more familiar with them being referred to as the Deep State or the Illuminati. They are the immensely wealthy few, the super-rich, the less than 1% who control the financial institutions, intelligence agencies, corporate media, the internet, the military and even politicians. They can buy elections, wage war in the guise of freedom and liberation to steal oil and ransack natural resources, and often isolate countries who do not agree with them.

Although secretive and mostly operating hidden from the public eye, they have fronts like the World Bank, The World Health Organization, USAID and so-called non-government (NGO) agencies with the agenda to instigate conflict and exploit resources. Some have maybe [erroneously] suggested membership of Bilderberg or the Davos clan. Who knows.

The current choice of this group of psychopaths to lead the world is ostensibly Donald Trump. Maybe, maybe not. Yet there is a growing sentiment amongst them that is slowly leaning on Joseph Biden. Even within the Deep State itself, there is a continuing struggle to push their puppets - continuously assessing which among Trump and Biden will be most profitable.

Of course, it is all done for the sake of profit. The super-rich recently pocketed 6 to 10 trillion dollars from the so-called ironically named ‘Cares Act’ – which at its core is a bi-partisan bank robbery from the public treasury that capitalizes on the COVID19 pandemic. As every American fled with fear, chaos and panic – the deep state was benefiting from the catastrophe by instigating policies for their profit. They did this too with Obama when he bailed out Wall Street to the tune of trillions of dollars in 2009, a time since referred to as The Largest Welfare Cheque in the history of the World.

The thing to watch for in the coming months is November. Remember, even within the deep state there are people with personal interests who are now weighing the future with either Trump or Biden. Trump may have been a profitable play for the super-elite but his recent actions are failing. On the other hand, Biden is an old hand with a fading mental grasp. Those who want Trump to serve the deep state further may have to maneuverer his hold on power – and that means no election.

With an on-going racial crisis, social unrest, an economy in disarray (the US is officially in a recession), intense political squabbling and the COVID19 pandemic showing no sign of retreat or defeat –but are growing reasons and justifications for Trump to declare Martial Law.

Meanwhile, to add gist to the mill, not a week goes by without some other crisis news displacement somewhere in the world.

As of this publication we have:

BLM yesterday, today, and till eternity. North Korea & Rocketman now joined with his Dear Sister. China & India are snarling and butchering one another over the Northern borders. Australia is under cyber-attack by unspecified hostile state actors. And last but certainly not least; the rising rhetoric of the actual source of COVID-19, manmade or natural. A deliberate or accidental release to the wider world.

It is going to be interesting if not dangerous months ahead.